A number of clients are available for interacting with Patchwork’s various APIs.


The pwclient application, provided with Patchwork, can be used to interact with Patchwork from the command line. Functionality provided by pwclient includes:

  • Listing patches, projects, and checks
  • Downloading and applying patches to a local code base
  • Modifying the status of patches
  • Creating new checks

pwclient can be downloaded from the Ozlabs Patchwork instance, or at the following path for most other Patchwork instances:

where corresponds to the URL a Patchwork instance is hosted at.

Once downloaded, view information about all the operations supported by pwclient, run:

$ pwclient --help


The git-pw application can be used to integrate Git with Patchwork. The git-pw application relies on the REST API and can be used to interact to list, download and apply series, bundles and individual patches.

More information on git-pw, including installation and usage instructions, can be found in the documentation and the GitHub repo.