Autodelegation allows patches to be automatically delegated to a user based on the files modified by the patch. To do this, a number of rules can be configured in the project administration page. This can usually be found at:



Autodelegation can only be configured by Patchwork administrators, i.e. those that can access the ‘admin’ panel. If you require configuration of autodelegation rules on a local instance, contact your Patchwork administrator.

In this section there are the following fields:


The patchwork user that should be autodelegated to the patch


The priority of the rule relative to other patches. Higher values indicate higher priority. If two rules have the same priority, ordering will be based on the path.


A path in fnmatch format. The fnmatch library allows for limited, Unix shell-style wildcarding. Filenames are extracted from patch lines beginning with --- or +++.

You can simply use a bare path:


Or it is also possible to use relative paths, such as:


Rules are configured by setting the above fields and saving the rules. These rules will be applied at patch parse time.